Quotes: An Experience

I live in New York City. That's a fact. Another fact is that because I live in New York City, I hear lots and lots of interesting people, saying lots and lots of interesting things. Sometimes people are funny. Sometimes people don't make any sense. And sometimes people say things so amazing, I just have to write them down. So this is my attempt at an on going series of posts chronicling the odd and colorful quotes I hear during my existence in the big city.

The first in this series is a bit old, and a bit existential. I was waiting for a table at brunch in the west 20s, and I overheard a woman pass by say the following:

I decided I need to start Instagramming, but I don't know how.

I agree with this mystery woman 100%.

Lemon-Lime Soda

I am not really sure how heated the debate on what the best lemon-lime flavored soda is, but I am here to settle it. The best lemon-lime flavored soda is called Bubble Up.

Bubble Up

I first heard of Bubble Up in the 1965 Jerry Lewis movie The Family Jewels while watching it with my father when I was very young. I had never heard of this soda before and had always thought it was some long lost cousin of 7 Up. Too bad 7 Up isn't as good. It wasn't until very recently that I found Bubble Up in a store in New York City; I promptly purchased several bottles and to my surprise, it was the best lemon-line flavored soda I had ever consumed.

Also, Tahitian Treat.